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Dear Immediate Past President David,
Congratulations on your club's achievement of Silver Hero Status for the Rotary year of 2019-2020!
Thanks to your club's commitment to our shared mission of a world where no family is left without shelter after disaster, we have been able to reach over 32,000 families during the past Rotary year.
We want to thank your club and the hundreds of clubs across Canada who have supported us over the last 20 years. Since our beginning in 2000, we have been able to reach over 1.5 million people all over the world and because of your support, we have been able to reach even more families year after year. This year alone we were able to reach families in Ethiopia, Somaliland, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, The Philippines, Paraguay, Vanuatu, and Bangladesh.
This is your support in action. Without you, and your club's commitment to families, they would remain in over-crowded schools, evacuation centres or without a home to return to after disaster. But because of you and your continued support, more families can begin to rebuild and recover.
This year, we are adapting our Hero award to better suit the needs of the new Rotary world!
With many meetings now occurring virtually, a digital certificate is much easier to share with your club via email or otherwise. Please find your digital ShelterBox Hero certificate available for download here. Sharing virtually is also safer as there are less hands, including essential workers, that a physical certificate goes through before arriving to you.
However, if you would still like a physical Hero certificate mailed to you, please update your club's mailing address here.
With more clubs being much more present online, we have created a specialized Hero graphic for you to share on social media with your supporters, along with a caption in case you are at a loss for words. You can find both the graphic and caption here.
As always, you can download your digital banner for your website here.
"The partnership between Rotary and ShelterBox has provided a place of refuge to people facing some of the most difficult and uncertain moments in their lives" - John Hewko, 2011-present, Rotary International General Secretary
If you do not believe that this Hero status is accurate, please get in touch!
Your Commitment in Action: Fatima's Story
Fatima and her family used to live in a small village in Northern Nigeria. She now shares her new home with thousands of families who, like her, fled to Cameroon to escape violent attacks by the extremist group
Boko Haram.
Fatima fled from her village, “We lost everything we had. I did not have time to take anything. I was alone with my children with no support as my husband had been arrested.”
Fatima and her two children received a ShelterBox tent and other household items in January 2019. The private shelter enabled her to start being independent, to start thinking in a sustainable way, and to gain money as her husband is no longer there to help them. “…I noticed that so many women were in the same condition and had profitable activities, so I also decided to start my own business. I borrowed money and started selling akara (white beans), and some time after, I started cooking and selling donuts.”
Like several other women in the camp, Fatima started working and gaining money to take care of her children and send them to school. She bought some materials for her house, an addition to the aid she had received. “…I have more privacy and can easily go out for my business without being worried about my goods in my house. My children spend more time together and can focus on their education,” said Fatima.
Her plan for the future is to increase her business and get a space at the market to have more customers. More impact stories like Fatmia's are available for you to share in our Action Tool Kit.
Your support has helped families like Fatima's all over the world. Thank you for helping ensure no family is left without shelter after disaster.
Allison Kingston
Member, Rotaract Club of Toronto
Rotary and Community Fundraising Coordinator
ShelterBox Canada
P.S. if you would like a ShelterBox speaker to visit your club to present on the impact that your Hero status has on families around the world - request a speaker
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ShelterBox and Rotary are official Project Partners in international disaster relief. ShelterBox Canada is a registered charity independent of Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation. Charitable Registration # 84628 3208 RR0001