Posted on Jun 24, 2018
The Hanover Educational Institute in Western Jamaica resides in the parish of Hanover, where a population of 70,000, has a illiteracy rate of 35%.  Furthermore, Hanover is ranked #4 out of 13 parishes with the highest rate of persons getting infected  by HIV even though there is vigorous on-going outreach program in the communities.  As if that weren't difficult enough, Hanover is ranked #2 behind St. James as the Parish with the highest number of young men involved in scamming. Young men are dropping out of high schools as they see this activity as the way out of poverty. 
Rotary Club of Calgary North's Paul Ramike and Linda Pitter are helping The Hanover Education Institute do something to improve the situation.  Hanover Institute, a non-profit NGO,  is self funding.  It receives no Government funding, so it needs all the help it can get.
This full-time, co-educational institution ...
  • is open to young people in the age range of 15 -20 years
  • employs 4 part-time, qualified teachers, a principal-teacher, who is also the Founder of the Institute, and a small administrative staff
  • caters to slow learners, dropouts, and underachievers motivated to resume academic or vocational education
  • is accredited by the Ministry of Education
HEI was founded over 10 years ago and has provided young, at-risk people, in Hannover and other parts of Western Jamaica, with a second opportunity for an education.  Specifically HEI has engaged with ...
  • unattached boys excluded from mainstream schools
  • those involved in gang activity
  • young unmarried mothers whose education has been disrupted 
There are very significant benefits to at-risk youth for over 10 years:
  • To date approximately 700 students is educated in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examinations (CSEC)
  • An overall pass rate of 91% maintained
  • 300 students have completed nationally recognized programme in the Hospitality-Tourism sector
  • graduates have gone on to tertiary institutions, Jamaica Defense Force, Nursing School, Jamaica Constabulary Force
  • others have entered into, or created employment for themselves