Last Meeting of the 2016-2017 Year
June 27, 2016

A Shared meeting

Current President Maria Serban opened our meeting with the usual welcome to all, national anthem, and grace.  The remaining business from the 2016-2017 year consisted of the submission, by Treasurer Dan Turner, of the Financial Statements for the previous year, which have now been balanced and accepted by the Audit Committee.  The membership voted unanimously to accept the Financial Statements as presented.
Once the Sgt at Arms (Sheila) had imposed fines and collected happy bucks, the group sang “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow” to Steve Moore who had only one more meeting to attend before moving to Ontario and a brand new club.  We will miss Steve a great deal and wish him well.
Frank pulled a few more bucks than usual from the crowd for the 50/50 draw and then presented the $$ to Paul Ramike who shared the pot.  Well, actually they shared 75% of the pot because between them they came up with only 3 of the 4 points in the four-way test, so they were fined the remainder.
At the meeting’s half way mark, Incoming President Jeff Cuell took over the agenda and outlined his plans for the new Rotary year.  Jeff hopes to continue the positive momentum the club has gained and thanked Gerry Darichuk and others for their help in getting the new year started right. 
These are the Incoming President’s and Incoming Directors’ hopes and aspirations:
  1. We will return to and stay in the much more welcoming and spacious upstairs room for the next year.
  2. We will return to weekly meetings.  Jeff and others acknowledged and thanked Maria for trying the new format (which was actually introduced by Martin at the end of his year), but the majority of members prefer meeting every Monday but those on which holidays fall.
  3. Membership Director: Gerry Darichuk:
    1. Gerry intends for our club to grow by 10 members.  However, Gerry will, in fact, try for 20, in the hopes that at least half of that number become long-term Rotarians.
    2. We will set up a buddy system, which will have snow birds, and other members missing several consecutive meetings, sending a substitute temporary Rotarian to meeting sin their stead.
    3. We will ensure each new member has a mentor, who is, in fact, actively mentoring.
    4. We will have a visitor host for each meeting (Turgay or a Turgay-appointed substitute).
    5. We received notice that we are all pro forma members of the Membership Committee.
  4. We will re-establish respect for club protocols by reinstating a head table format for guest speakers and Rotary executive.
  5. We will get back to being a 100% Paul Harris sustaining club.
  6. We will have this monthly schedule:
    1. Week One –Speaker
    2. Week Two – Classification Talk
    3. Week Three – Speaker
    4. Week Four – Business
    5. Week Five – ad hoc
  7. We will re-establish our relationship with daughter clubs, Airdrie and Cochrane.
  8. We will have a spring fund raising dinner again.
  9. International Director: David Thompson (standing in for Richard Edwards)
    1. We will support, as much as funds allow, two International Projects.
  10. Club Service One: Frank Faria
    1. We will now pay a toonie for our 50/50 draw since the cost hasn’t been raised in a long time.
  11. Youth Services: Cliff Tyminski  (and assistant Robb Liebel)
    1. We will assess the program and ensure we improve our relationship with the District.
  12. Foundation Donations: Bud Watson (Tally Abougoush)
    1. We will try to ensure Cliff doesn’t keep winning the matching funds every week!  (Didn’t it used to be Jill who always won?)
Jeff will continue to lead PEC for the time being and we are still looking for someone to lead our Fundraising.
The meeting ended with …
  • Congratulations and thanks going to Maria for stepping up to the job at the last minute last year    and
  • A very good joke from Jokemeister, Ron Stickley.