Posted by Sheila Newel on Nov 18, 2018
Sonny's story is engaging, energizing, and captivating for sure; but above all else, it is heart warming.
Sonny Carmona, a former Rotary Club of Calgary North exchange student from Venezuela, is now an international student at Seneca College.  We always found her charming and willing to work hard at anything she tackled.   It appears that Seneca College feels the same way.  
Every year the top 16 colleges with marketing programs in Ontario are called to participate in the the Ontario college marketing competition, a process that starts early April to pick the top 16 students in the school of marketing to be pair up and represent different categories.  Sonny was selected to represent the Direct Marketing Team with another young woman who is from the from Dominican Republic.  After eight months of really hard work Sonny and her team mate accomplished FIRST PLACE in the competition
Sonny also received a special award, one that is given to just one person.  Sonny was nominated by her school for an award that recognized the recipient as someone with "outstanding character and leadership skills" and who is a hard worker and an excellent, collaborative team member.  We are so proud, but not surprised, to know that Sonny received this award. 
Sonny particularly appreciates being the first Venezuelan to be recognized in this way and shares her glory with Rotary.  This is what Sonny has to say:
"YOU are behind it.  Rotary is behind it.  Since 2011 when I got the opportunity to travel I would have never imagine I would had meet amazing people like you, each one of you had tough me, give me knowledge and pull my ears more than once when it was necessary every day until today each one of you had help to shape me to be ME to give 300% to be able to live in a country where I can live and not just survive and there will be never enough words that can express my feelings and gratitude for you.  Thank you , thank you, thank you."
Sonny, you are welcome, admired, and much loved.