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President David Thompson called this first business meeting of the 2019-2020 Rotary Year to order.  Gary Bain again won The Foundation Envelope Draw, proving again and again that consistency wins. Ron Stickley won the 50-50 draw and got three of the four points in the Four-Way test correct, abandoning the four in favour of burning District.  


Marie Williams joined Sheila at the podium to receive a recognition gift & thanks for sharing the gift of music with us at so many of our events.  Marie, who holds a degree in psychology and who is also an advocate for indiginous rights will come back soon to speak to us about important First Nations issues.

To everyone’s delight Maria Serban presented Sonny Carmona by phone to the club and Sonny, in turn, presented the club with a plexi-glass plaque and stand that made sure we understand that we have been so important in her life.  Sonny explained how much it meant to her to have people in her life away from home who could be her Canadian family.

Daniella, also known as Dani, is our outbound exchange student and she gave us a quick overview of the excitement lying ahead for her.  After meeting Robb Liebel at a school fair where he presented students with information about our Student Exchange Program, Dani applied for an exchange, did well in the interview, and is now off to Sardina.  She will be located not far from our friend and former exchange student, Michi. Her goals while on exchange will be to become fluent in Italian and to try and eat sensibly in the midst of the famous Italian cuisine.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to a presentation of the budget by Gerry, which is attached.  Gerry wanted us to leave with an understanding of ...

  • how the budget is laid out, 

  • how we finance through four accounts (one Rotary Foundation and three Club  accounts), 

  • where the funds come from, and 

  • why we need to keep those funds coming into the club for the future.

Changes to the budget format will ensure we can see what funds are already committed so we have a better understanding of what is available for spending and that includes keeping money in our Foundation and Club accounts so Steven can begin his year with approximately the same amount David is beginning his.  This approach also includes sharing this past year’s Casino income (~ $68,000.00 that will arrive in September) over two years, because that is how often we are able to work a club sponsored casino. Gerry noted that we can work at other casinos, such as the one sponsored by the Jamaican Club.

The second significant change in the budget is Gerry’s push to see if the AGLC will allow us to use casino money to cover club business expenses such as food, rent, legal fees, District and RI, and District Leadership Development courses.  At the moment. Not all will be approved, but Gerry sounded optimistic that some might.

Gerry’s final budget related wish is that we work toward having a reserve of $2,000,000.00 for future Rotarians.


David closed the meeting with a promise to advise the club of our August speakers soon - whereupon we were all reminded that August 5th is a summer holiday long weekend, so there is no meeting.  David has been working hard on this year’s committees and will be bringing them to the club soon.

Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile