June 12, 2017

David thompson's story

Russell Hampton
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The meeting started with some announcements:

A big thank you from Arbour Lake for the work that was done last weekend.  We are a small club, but we are a mighty club.

A reminder of the Stampede Barbeque July 10 at the Busted Shoulder Ranch, hosted by John Robinson.  This event will be held in lieu of the weekly meeting.

There will be no meetings on July 1 or July 10.
The Assistant District Governor Earl Huson gave a Welcome Certificate to your humble scribe with some very kind words.
Gary Bains provided a casino update.  There are currenty 11 slots available for November 17 and 18.  Contracts are signed with the casinos so we need folks.  Engage your spouse, voluntell your children and grandchildren.  There could be a pile of cash as a result of our efforts.
Robb Liebel stood up to talk about Youth Exchange training, which was happening at the Ramada in Northeast Calgary. 

As well, they are putting a call out for more people to be involved in the youth exchange project, even if just to help out.  Ron added that it's a good way to mentor a young person.  Cliff pointed out that the more you do, the more you learn, and it would be very beneficial to have another person in this role because if one person has to step out, someone else can step in.
Gerry was called on to discuss the Friendship Exchange.  There are 4 clubs hosting Sri Lankan visitors, Calgary North, Chinook, Medicine Hat, and Sylvan Lake.

 Hosts here are going to include David, Paul, Dan, Henry, and Gary.  Dennis will be the driver.

There will be a farewell function at Rotary Challenger Park on June 27th at noon.

We were expecting couples, but it sounds like  it will be as many as 10 singles.  More likely to be around 7 as they are having to deal with visas and governments and stuff.
Brian spent the weekend at Spruce Meadows parking cars to check out the potential of fund raising.  He had a blast.  It's a modest opportunity for fund raising as the club is paid $10 an hour.  It is time intensive.  Chinook has been parking cars since 1976 but with the increasing number of events its membership can't do all of the parking.  This is also a good opportunity to liaise with another club.   It was mentioned at the meeting that the time-intensive-ness of this operation versus finding other ways of raising funds make this opportunity less appealing.  A fundraising team will be struck soon to prioritize fund raising solutions.
Country Thunder was once again discussed.  There are 2 fundraising options - one is to sell liquor tickets.  There will be 4 stations with 8 people per station, which means 32 people will be required, working from noon to 10 pm.  This goes for 3 days  They will need Pro Serve Certification.  Once we have this certification we can volunteer at other events as well.

This could raise as much as $18,000 in unrestricted funds.

The other option is to sell 50-50 tickets and wrist bands.  Last year, $60,000 was raised less the cost of renting the equipment.  This raises restricted dollars.   We would need 20 people to commit to this.

There will be a formal vote on this next week.
Don't forget the year end Barbeque at the Busted Shoulder on July 10
David Thompson shared his background with the club.

His ancestors came from Irelind in the 1800's.  They homesteaded their way across Canada, ending up northwest of Hythe, Alberta, where David was born.  His parents had a cow-calf operation.  They kept 60 cows on 30,000 acres.  David remembers a bear chasing the cows into their corral.  He made short work of the bear with his 303.  He also remembers shooting a moose a couple of miles from his house, and by the time he got the moose home there was nothing edible left on it.
His was the last graduating class in Hythe as they were amalgamating schools.  His mother died when he was 15.  When he finished high school, he worked at home for a year, then decided to go to the U of A to study agriculture and miniskirts.  He graduated in 1973, and went to work in PEI, then for a consortium doing data collection on beef sires.

He would meet his future wife Joanna while in this role, and married her 8 months later.

They moved to Beaverlodge, where he worked as an agriculturalist for the government while he played at farming.  After 5  years in the government, he gave up the farm and government and was offered a job in Peru.  He had to quickly learn Spanish, then went to work on a school project in the Amazon Basin for 2 years.  It was an opportunity to see the world in a different way, and gave him a strong appreciation for what people face.  In Canada, it's boring.  The power always works, the water always works.  It's  not that way everywhere.

After 2 years, he came home to a position with an herbicide company as sales manager, then HR manager in Regina.

David travelled to Holland where he met someone developing poultry equipment.  He began importing it, and created a part time business.  After a couple of years, the business grew to the US.  Eventually he went to work for the Dutch Company as North and South American sales manager because of his strong Spanish language skills.

For 5 years he travelled extensively.  Then he bought the North American business, and since 2005 he has been doing very well.

David says it's good to be good, it's better to be lucky.  David, the club is lucky to have you.

David's oldest child has 3 degrees, his son recently got an MBA.  David's extended family is growing and he hopes to bring a grandchild to the roadside cleanup.

An interesting point that David made was that Joanna's decorating skill allowed them a good bit of success buying and selling houses, and the the equity in his home was what a huge factor in their being able to buy their business.

David enjoys Rotary for the Comaraderie and fellowship.


A message from arbour lake

Hello, Henry Chorney!

Hurray, you did it. The playground has been built!

Thank you to everyone who was involved, we could not have done without you.

Please visit our facebook page for a list of sponsors and lots of photos of the build, Arbour Lake Playground Task Force. On the facebook will also be a link to a drop box for any pictures that you would like to add. Sorry, the signup genius won't let me paste it here.

Special thanks to Shaganappi GM, ATB Financial, Inland Concrete, PCL, Moduloc, GPI Outdoor Designs, BPS Security, BDI Play Designs, Arbour Lake Community Assoc., Cory Liss Ortho, Starbucks, Cobbs, Crave, Crowfoot Liqour, Toonz Juke Box, Tim Hortons, Boston Pizza, Coop, Safeway, Tarvos Systems Inc, Home Depot, Lazy Loaf and Kettle, Old Dutch, Rona, CocaCola and Arbour Lake Residents Assoc.

And to the volunteer groups of PCL, Cory Liss Ortho, Sterling Bridge/Trillium, Harvest Energy, Diverse Sports Therapy, ATB Financial, The missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints, Rotary Club - North Calgary, and First Calgary.

Next steps will be the landscaping and the playground inspection before we can open.

Speaking of landscaping, we are looking for sod (1300 sq feet). Our original donor had to cancel.
Would anyone have a contact for a donation or funds to pay the contractor that we have lined up for Tuesday of $600. If so please email me at

I will send out an invite to all of you for a grand opening celebration, once we get the inspection cleared. That could take a week or so as they are very busy. Stay tuned!

Thank you again to everyone. The playground looks amazing.
The Arbour Lake Parent Council and Playground Committee

a message from brian larson

One of my roles as PE for the 2017-18 Rotary Year is to develop a vision for ‘my year’ as your President.  I believe we need to focus on membership development, fund raising, public awareness/relations, leadership development and succession planning, and administrative continuity. 
As you know, the Strategic Planning Committee is developing a three-year tactical plan (2017-2020) that will help guide our Club going forward.  Our goal is to present the plan to the June Board Meeting, and to the Club at the June 276h Business Meeting
I am excited about working with our Board of Directors.  Each Board member brings their unique and diverse expertise and experience to the Board Table.  It is this diversity that is, in my view, one of the major strengths of the Board.  There are nine members:  Jeff, Sheila, Derryl, Henry, Frank, Valerie, Gerry, Robb, and me.  Each Board member has a specific ‘portfolio’ (see Clubrunner for details).
As we prepare for the upcoming year, we need to review and refresh our various Committees.  There are a total of eight Committees (see Clubrunner Committees 2017-18 for details).
Presently there are several important vacancies that need to be filled.  You are invited to submit your name to Chair or to become a Member to the appropriate Director listed below:
            Club and Community             Frank Faria, Director, Club Services 1
            Membership                           Gerry Darichuk, Director, Membership
            Youth Programs                     Robb Leibel, Director, Youth Services
            Fund Raising                           Valerie Mushinkski, Director Club Services 2
I would be happy to discuss your particular area of Rotary-interests with you.
Thanks, and here’s to 2017-18!   Brian Larson 403 826 5671
Next Meeting: Monday, June 19, 2017
At the Village Park Inn!!
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