June 5, 2017

Women in Need society

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June 5 - Women in Need Society

The June 5 meeting was again opened by President Jeff.
We started with Ron Stickley discussing the special offer by Corite for Rotarians.  Korite was recruited to design jewelry for Canada's 150th birthday.  Any purchases made by club members will be discounted.  After the discount, another 1/3 of the proceeds will go to unrestricted funds. The code for purchases is ROT15952.
A call out was made for a second in command, and volunteers, to help with the highway cleanup on June 17.  The cleanup will be in the area of Highway 1 and Rainbow Road.
A reminder was made of the Past Presidents dinner, which will be June 17, just in time to kick off the reign of our new leader, Brian Larson.  It will be held on June 15, beginning at 6 pm.  It will be held at the Danish Canadian Club.
The new membership strategy, which was described at a previous meeting, has been adopted and as of July 1, we'll need to decide what type of membership we individually want to have.  The structure is as follows:
The new proposal reduces the cost of a full membership from $395 to $275.
There is also a corporate membership, which would be $275 for a first full membership, and $250 for a second member.
A family membership would also be $275 for the first family member, and $250 for subsequent members.
There also is another form of member, Associate, Youth, Trial, or Spousal.  These are not full memberships. The cost of these memberships will be
$100.  Associates are tied to full members.  They can participate in activities but are not eligible for board membership.
A request was put out to volunteer at Spruce Meadows Nationals between June 8 and 10.  The idea was to garner interest and availability.  In the future, our club will be able to get part of the revenue generated.  All that was necessary was to show up and they'd put you to work.  It did conflict with the Arbor Lake project, which was also on those days.
Rotaract Calgary Downtown also was putting on a fundraiser for June 10.  From their website: MISSION: Attend Rotaract's Annual Midsummer Soiree, James Bond Edition.
This included local bands, appies, and a silent auction.  Tickets are $35 each.  Funds support a school in the Honduras and Ronald McDonald House.  Whichever club could provide the most members would get 10 hours of volunteer work from the club.  
A luncheon will be held on June 27th at Challenger Park for our overseas visitors.
Robert Hansell donated a bottle of wine, which Gerry Darichuk scooped up for $20. 
And, the final announcement was made for the Arbour Lake project.  The project was a success, to which your humble scribe can attest.  I was scheduled to work on Saturday afternoon.  I showed up in the rain, only to be told that my services would not be needed as the work was done.
The guest speaker for today's dinner was Vera Ilnyckyj, marketing manager for Women in Need Society of Calgary.
The goal of WINS is to "help women help themselves".  It is the 25th anniversary of WINS Calgary.
Women can come to WINS at any point.  The goal is to build trusting relaionships with women in need, so that they can remain supportive of these individuals throughout their journey.
Vera told the story of some of the women that WINS has supported, and the difference they have made in these women's lives.  
Some of the services they offer include giving women in financial distress vouchers to shop at the WINS thrift stores.  Last year, 1/2 million dollars worth of vouchers were distributed to women who could buy mattresses, household items, and winter clothing.  Women can choose to purchase what they need.  In this way, helping women translates to helping families.
In Calgary, one in 10 households lives beneath the poverty line.  Think about that.  The majority of single family households are led by women.  It's difficult for them to move forward when the fundamentals of life are difficult to afford.  One can't thrive when one can barely survive.
Other services offered include a family resource center.  This provides access to subsidized houseing, programs for ESL, and help with parenting.  There's also a focus on socializing with pot lucks and kids clubs, which can lead to a network for babysitting, friendships, and community for marginalized individuals.
In the last year, WINS has helped 14,000 people. This marks a 40 % increase with no increase to staff.
85% of WINS' funding comes from donations to the Thrift Store.  The rest comes from United Way, the city, and corporate and individual donations.
Everything sold in Calgary was donated in Calgary.  There is a 13000 square foot warehouse, from which donations are distributed daily to the 4 thrift stores.  Last year volunteers donated 13000 hours to the cause.  WINS provides a free pickup service for larger items, using the same trucksto deliver to women in need.
Last year's revenues were $5 million dollars, with 80 staff, 4 stores, ad 1 distribution centre.
Thanks to WINS for 25 years of service!
A message from our President Elect
One of my roles as PE for the 2017-18 Rotary Year is to develop a vision for ‘my year’ as your President.  I believe we need to focus on membership development, fund raising, public awareness/relations, leadership development and succession planning, and administrative continuity. 
As you know, the Strategic Planning Committee is developing a three-year tactical plan (2017-2020) that will help guide our Club going forward.  Our goal is to present the plan to the June Board Meeting, and to the Club at the June 276h Business Meeting
I am excited about working with our Board of Directors.  Each Board member brings their unique and diverse expertise and experience to the Board Table.  It is this diversity that is, in my view, one of the major strengths of the Board.  There are nine members:  Jeff, Sheila, Derryl, Henry, Frank, Valerie, Gerry, Robb, and me.  Each Board member has a specific ‘portfolio’ (see Clubrunner for details).
As we prepare for the upcoming year, we need to review and refresh our various Committees.  There are a total of eight Committees (see Clubrunner Committees 2017-18 for details).
Presently there are several important vacancies that need to be filled.  You are invited to submit your name to Chair or to become a Member to the appropriate Director listed below:
            Club and Community             Frank Faria, Director, Club Services 1
            Membership                           Gerry Darichuk, Director, Membership
            Youth Programs                     Robb Leibel, Director, Youth Services
            Fund Raising                           Valerie Mushinkski, Director Club Services 2
I would be happy to discuss your particular area of Rotary-interests with you.
Thanks, and here’s to 2017-18!   Brian Larson 403 826 5671



The Honorary Consulate of Romania in Alberta and the Romanian-Canadian Cultural Association of Calgary (RCCAC) proudly invite you to an EXTRAORDINARY concert:
BARBRA LICA QUINTET - "I'm Still Learning" Tour
June 30th, 2017 (Friday)
Engineered Air Theatre, Calgary
Doors open at 6:30pm, concert starts at 7pm
Marc Rogers (bass)
Tom Fleming (guitar)
Will Fisher (drums)
Joel Visentin (keyboards)
and Irina Popescu (Mezzo-soprano)
RCCAC members: $35
General Public: $45
VIP: $50
Maria Serban 403-667-7674
Iustin Baitoiu 403-988-4964
Tudor Constantinescu 403-830-6281
Barbra Lica is a fast-rising star on the Canadian Jazz scene.
The Calgary Live Show is part of the Quintet's Summer Tour that will see audiences in New York, Rochester, Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Montreal, Waterloo and Niagara-on-the-Lake captivated by Barbra's exquisite vocals and genuine charm.
Barbra pursued a Bachelor of Music specializing in Jazz Voice Performance at the University of Toronto, where she simultaneously studied Human Biology. She laughingly recalls, “I’d be doing my jazz combo rehearsals in my lab coat then running down to the sciences building!”
P.S. Barbra's Romanian roots are BEAUTIFULLY showing...
The request came from last year’s President.
More than 20 million people are at risk of starvation in Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen. 
Dear President Jeff, 
ShelterBox is working to deliver life-saving aid in Somaliland, an area where few organizations are focusing relief efforts. Roughly half of the population in Somaliland are nomads, a lifestyle that depends on lifestock. The consistent lack of rain is making families extremely vulnerable. It is estimated that already, 80% of their livestock have perished, livestock that is not only their source of food but also their source of income. 
ShelterBox is providing mobile boxes filled with tarps, blankets, cooking equipment, water purification, solar lights, tools, and mosquito nets to nomadic families in Somaliland. Tarps are the best shelter solution for these families as they are light weight and easy to carry and allow people to weatherproof their traditional mobile homes. 
We need your help. For every eligible donation made by individual Canadians to registered Canadian charities (including ShelterBox Canada) until June 30th, 2017, the Government of Canada will contribute an equivalent amount to their own Famine Relief Fund.
ShelterBox Canada is participating in the matching program up to $150,000 raised. This is what we can currently guarantee will be spent on our response to this crisis. In order for funds to be matched by the Government they must be spent in one of the specific countries. 
Normally, ShelterBox does not take donations for specific disasters, this ensures that we can respond efficiently and effectively without waiting for donations. As this crisis is ongoing, and the Government is offering matching, we are able to accept donations for famine relief in this instance. 
As official Project Partners, Rotary and ShelterBox work together to ensure no family is left without shelter after disasters. Donating to ShelterBox is the best Rotary way to help families affected by disasters around the world. 
Please encourage your club members to donate and double their impact. 
Only donations made by individuals are eligible for matching. Any donations made by members of your club will be credited to your club. Donations must be received by June 30th, 2017
Donations can be made online at:  Alternatively, attached here is a donation form that can be used to collect donations from members who wish to help. 
Thank you so much for your continued support of ShelterBox Canada.
Kent Fraser, Board Chair
Member and Past President, The Rotary Club of Calgary Fish Creek 


President Jeff attended the Annual General Meeting of Calgary Rotary
Challenger Park on Wednesday May 24.
Among the highlights included:
  1. "CRCP" has concluded a lease agreement with the Airport Authority
    on 5 acres of land immediately south of the existing property
  2. Renfrew Educational Services is prepared to build a facility on the
    site for their use along with some multi-purpose options. This will
    reduce overall capital requirement for "Phase 4" by approximately
    $12,000,000. Renfrew's proposal is subject to Airport Authority approval.
    Meetings will be held with their Executive in June to hopefully obtain
  3. If all goes well it is anticipated completed building will be up and running
    by late 2019/early 2020
  4. Copy of 2016 year-end financial statements appended
Our Club continues to be a strong supporter of the Park and it's good work
in the Community.
Next Meeting: Monday, June 12, 2017
At the Village Park Inn!!
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