Mar 09, 2020 11:58 AM
Dr David Hodgins
Additive Behaviour

A 2015 Calgary Herald article quoted a current (at that time) study as saying "binge drinking is on the rise among young people around the world, including Canada.  The reporter noted that binge drinking “is often a form of socialization” and “fitting in” for young adults."  However, Dr David Hodgins, a psychology Prof at the U of C, says that "teen binge drinking might not necessarily be on the rise in Canada" even though substance abuse and other addictions are still a serious issue.  Dr. Hodgins should know since he specializes in addictive behaviour and will speak to us about his findings.   This will be an interesting topic: after all, one of the ironies of being a Rotarian is volunteering at casinos to get funds that will help us help people, some of whom probably need help because they spend so much at the casino.