The first mention in my projects list of an international project was in about 1969/70 when we gave $192 dollars to the district wheat plan to help send a box car of Canadian wheat to Korea.  Following that we did an operation " Eyesight Camp" in Biafra costing about $600 dollars. This was also done with District 536 it was then.
Then in about 1970/71 we partnered with CUSO to build a school/clinic and a silk worm house in Laos for $500 dollars. I remember asking Alison, the CUSO lady, about the cost.  We supplied material only and the villagers supplied all the labour.  I asked about permits etc. and she said if we applied for the permits, the bribes would exceed the total cost.
We supplied cholera vaccine to Bangladesh, a donation to St.Lucia hospital, a Jamaican teachers project, a Cameroons hospital equipment project.
So here we are Korea, Biafra, Laos, Bangladesh, Cameroon-Rotary really is International.   

We also did local projects.
Renfrew Boys Club, a work project to renovate the Seniors Lounge.
Camp Adventure, did work on a new winter lodge.
Calgary Drum and Bugle Band, provided instruments for their start up.
Brentwood Nursing Home, we bought a new freezer.
Confederation Park Sr. Centre, a new piano.
Sally Ann Children's Village, provided Xmas toys.
North West Little League Baseball, supported their tournament.
Bethany Care Centre, we donated some equipment.
We worked on Bragg Creek Youth Hostel.
Entheos Lodge, we provided funds and a lot of labour to get this started.  Our past president Norm McMurray donated the land for this.

We can be proud of what we did.