When you come through the door to the club's meeting you often see Lawrie Fisher after your money, that is Doctor Lawrie Fisher, past president 82/83 and past district governor 92/93.
Lawrie was born in Lethbridge and after grade 12 there he went to the University of Alberta getting a degree in Math and Physics. He then taught these at U of A for 6 years.
In 1949 he married Berta and  they had  a son and a daughter.
In 1954 he got a PhD in Applied Psychology at the University of Chicago.
From 1955-57 he taught at Rippon College in Wisconsin and also joined the Rippon Rotary Club for a year.
From 1957-59 he taught at University of South Carolina.
From 1959-70 he was associate director at the Centre for Medical Education at the University of Illinois in Chicago.  This was teaching how to teach medical students.
From 1970 on he was at the University of Calgary when it was starting a new Medical School and Lawrie taught medical education studies.
Lawrie also spent a couple of years in Australia teaching at the New Castle Medical School.  At that time the Government asked him to consult in the operation of Australia's Prison System, which he did.
Lawrie ran work shops and consulted on work with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Copenhagen, Thailand, Burma and 5 centres in India.
Lawrie joined our club in 1971.  He started the Integrity Awards for the District to promote Integrity in peoples lives and especially their profession.
Lawrie and Berta exemplify Rotary Principals and Integrity.