In 1908 Sataro Kuwahara emigrated from Japan to Vancouver to work for the CPR, starting as a bell hop at the hotel Vancouver later  on at  the Banff Springs Hotel.
He married and had 5 children.
Hiroshi was his oldest and he was a long term Rotarian in Calgary and is still alive but no longer active.
His second son was our own TOM, born September 11, 1919.
In the 1920's the family, with partners, started a store on 8th avenue called The Nippon Bazaar featuring imported items, especially silk goods etc.
Pure silk scarfs at $1.23 and ladies bloomers for 59 cents.
They had stores in Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary and Regina.
They changed the name to SILK O LINA due to the war and lost the store in Vancouver.
They closed down in 1989.
Meanwhile Tom studied accounting at Mt. Royal Collage, got married to the beautiful Cio and had 4 children.
He worked at Silk O Lina especially at the North Hill Shopping Centre.
Tom joined our club in March 1975 and has been an active Rotarian for 39 years helping to build our club through these many years of service.
Besides his family and Rotary his passion was nature.  Tom and Cio had a beautiful flower garden and a house full of beautiful bird carvings that Tom did.
Tom lost Cio a few years ago and has slowed down but he still enjoys Rotary and living a life with integrity.