March 27, 2017

Getting to know Lawrie Fisher

Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Following are notes from the meeting of March 27.
The first person to speak was George, who wanted to make a point of encouraging the membership to read this month's Rotarian magazine.
This week's meeting started with a call to action from Frank.  We have 11 people confirmed from our group to help with Country Thunder.  We can use more.  A portion of the proceeds will go to the Rotary clubs in direct proportion to their involvement.  This can be a significant revenue generator and is a great opportunity to benefit this club.  There are a number of different ways to participate, some of which require a Proserve certificate.  This can be obtained on line for $26.25 online.  It is a course which allows working behind the bar or selling tickets.  There may be other opportunities including working the gates that don't require this certification.  If you have the opportunity, please sign up.
Don't forget the Rotary Social at the Brewhouse, April 28 at 7 pm, a table for 30.  Gary Bain donated the gift certificate for this event, and the first 20 people to sign up were lucky... the remaining 10 pay the full tariff for this event.
Arbor Lake is asking for help building a playground.  They are looking for help between June 8 and 10, especially June 8 (which is a Thursday) for any able-bodied individuals capable of swinging a hammer.  If you can do a convincing job of looking busy, I'm sure it will also be appreciated.  Take me, for example.  Right now my wife thinks I'm working on the business but I'm whiling away the hours writing the Tiller in order to get out of work.
More on the subject of volunteering - Calgary South needs help at the Stampede Dream Home.  Historically, the president has provided a day pass to the stampede in exchange for working at the home.  Frank is trying to up the ante by convincing the president to provide mini-donuts as well.  I think it's important that we applaud his efforts in this worthwhile pursuit.
We were informed by Ron of an offer from Korite.  Korite was recruited to design jewelry for Canada's 150th birthday.  Any purchases made by club members will be discounted.  After the dsicount, another 1/3 of the proceeds will go to unrestricted funds.  If I have this wrong, I apologize; was writing quickly at the meeting and, therefore, not neatly.  Ron can correct me if I am in error.  The code for purchases is ROT15952.
Dan provided the financial update, which we will not detail in this document.
A call out was made for people to help with the financial side of the organization.  People who can help with CRA and AGLC reporting, budgeting, maintaining a grant application control spreadsheet, collect money and deposit cheques, and attend monthly board meetings.  We would like to have 3 people in this role.  Currently, there's Henry has been doing the lion's share of this work  for 6 years.  That's a lot to put on one person, so if there's someone who can step up and help, it would be great.  
We had a special treat, a classification talk from Laurie Fisher.  I didn't say Dr. Fisher because I didn't want to get into trouble.
One of the first things Calgary North Rotarians used to see at our meetings was Lawrie Fisher at a table, taking our money, recording our attendance, and making us feel welcome.  He is more formally known as Doctor Lawrie Fisher, but much prefers to be called by his first name.
Lawrie was born in Lethbridge in 1923 in a private hospital and was adopted five days later into a loving home.  His father was a prominent member of the Masons, who when to Montana to become one of three specialists in establishing viable Masonic Lodges.  His mother was a devoted Eastern Star member.
Lawrie attended school in Lethbridge.  By the time he completed Grade 12, World War II had started and Lawrie responded to the call to join the forces; he was turned down because of his need for thick glasses and instead he went on to the University of Alberta getting a BSc in Math and Physics and a BEd.  A few years later, Lawrie went on to complete a PhD in Applied Psychology at the University of Chicago.

There are few people who can say that grasshoppers put them thru school; however Lawrie funded his education by travelling to the corners of Alberta collecting grasshoppers so that more could be learned about the infestations that were frequently impacting the province.
After meeting, getting to know, and falling deeply in love with Berta, Lawrie bought a diamond ring, fully intending to bend on one knee as he asked her to marry him.  However, he was nervous and became so light headed he had to assume the slightly less romantic stance of leaning against a tree.  It didn’t matter.  Berta accepted his proposal and in 1949 they were married.  They have been together for 67 years at the time this biography was written.  They had a daughter in 1956 and a son in 1960.  Their daughter lives in Calgary and often accompanies Lawrie to our social events.  
Their son was born with Downs Syndrome, and one of Lawrie’s causes has been to champion education for individuals with this disease.  He experienced how children with Downs syndrome in Thailand were given better opportunities than those in Canada, even though we have so much resources in our education system.
Dr. Lawrie Fisher has taught at the University of Alberta, Rippon College in Wisconsin, University of South Carolina, the University of Illinois in Chicago, and the University of Calgary.
By his retirement in 1988, Lawrie was expert at both teaching and teaching how to teach.  He had taught in a variety of faculties: medicine, social work, education, and law.  The settings for his teaching experiences and consulting adventures were also varied: Canada, the United States, Australia, Latvia, Geneva, Copenhagen, Burma, India, and Thailand.  
In 1971, Lawrie joined the Rotary Club of Calgary North where he has been and still is an exemplary, respected, and much loved member.  He was President of our Club in 82/83 and District Governor in 92/93.  Among other achievements, Lawrie initiated the Integrity Awards for the District to promote and recognize integrity in people’s lives and especially their professions.


We have the following message regarding voting delegate cards for the 2017 Rotary RI  Convention:
Dear Rotary Club Officers:
Your club's Credential Certificate(s) for the 2017 Convention in Atlanta, United States is attached to this email. For your reference, an instruction leaflet is also enclosed. Please kindly print out the Credential Certificate(s) and give it/them to your delegate(s) to bring along to the Convention. 
Duplicate Credential Certificates will be not issued. If your Club does not receive or cannot print out the Certificate(s) please issue a letter to your delegate(s) attending the Convention using your club's letterhead (if available), indicating the name of the delegate(s) and also your club's number of memberships as of 1 January 2017. This letter, signed by club President and Secretary, will be accepted in lieu of the Certificate(s) on site at the Voting Delegate Booth. 
Kenneth Wright
Manager, Data Relations
The attachment mentioned above is a PDF, which doesn't work in the Tiller or on Clubrunner.  Please get in touch with me if you'd like your vote to be counted.  I can email the attachment to you.
Next Meeting: Monday, April 3, 2017
At the Village Park Inn!!
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